Policy Proposals and Activity

Papers and comments contributed by the project leader, Akihiro Sawa

Feb. 2010
[Discussion Paper] World Leadership with a New Framework
Jan. 2010
[Discussion Paper] Forget Numerical Target, Give the World a Framework
Dec. 2009
[Policy Proposal] New Policy Agenda of Japan on Climate Change Issues:
Oct.30, 2009
[Discussion Paper] The High Price Paid for Hatoyama Speech
Sep.17, 2009
The Fragility of Hatoyama's 25% Reduction Initiative
Aug.18, 2009
[Discussion paper] Three Critical Deficiencies in the Manifesto of the Democratic Party of Japan
Aug.10, 2009
“How to get climate policy back on course” (coauthor)
Jul.31, 2009
[Interview] “International Negotiations on Global Warming The Need to Hold Rational Discussions without Succumbing to the General Trend” (21st Century Public Policy Institute Newsletter No.8)
Jul.31, 2009
[Discussion paper] “The Post-Kyoto Framework and International Negotiations 1 Prerequisites for Agreement for Japan”
Jun.22, 2009
[Discussion paper] “A Study on the EU's Global Warming Measures and Tough Diplomacy”
Jun. 2009
[Policy Proposals] Policy Proposals for Multinational Global Warming Negotiations (Part 2) Developing Country Support
(Project Leader: Akihiro Sawa)
May 28, 2009
[Discussion paper] “How to Undertake Diplomatic Negotiations Two Tips for Post-Kyoto Negotiations”
May 20, 2009
[Discussion paper] “Discussion on the Medium Term Goal without Equanimity without Regard to the Burdens Imposed on People”
Mar. 2008
[Policy Proposals] Sectoral Approaches as a Post-Kyoto Framework A Proposal of Japan's Sectoral Approach
(Project Leader: Akihiro Sawa)
Oct. 2007
[Policy Proposals] Interim Report: Japan's Strategy and International Cooperation for a Post-Kyoto Framework
(Project Leader: Akihiro Sawa)